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Welcome to Sayuri's World Shop where we feature delicately dreamed, designed, and handcrafted items made exclusively by Sayuri with her very own hands.  We will be updating our newest items regularly, but please be patient as the digital realm is not keeping up with how fast Sayuri's imagination is rolling at this moment. (will it ever!?)

First thing's first, we will debut our jellyfish to delight you in the meanwhile.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for your visit!


Hi, my name is Sayuri, and I LOVE making things.

I have been an artist ever since I remember. My childhood experience with my family's relocation between and within Japan, Australia, and Romania, going back and forth between languages, I naturally found refuge in using my hands and making art.

After adopting Portland, OR as my home for 9 years, I currently reside in Iowa City, IA with my love Brien, spending my time between making art, drooling over vintage textiles, visiting sheep farms, driving through the endless cornfields and counting bunnies during morning neighborhood run among other beautiful things in life.


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